Start Up Your Business Workshop



For Fitness Professionals Workshop

This workshop is delivered by some of our experienced and qualified tutors to guide you through the course (They also have great PT business experience to pass on which is why we want to pass this on!).

The workshop is designed to get you designing/thinking about the way you want to live your life and run your business! where do you want to be, where do you want to go, whats your passion, how can you make a living from it.

The workshop will enable each learner to understand the specific knowledge required to be applied to your own business idea. Kent Sport Academy understands the values of being taught clearly to give you the best opportunity starting your new career. you have invested the time and money into getting qualified, now you need to put the second part of your plan into place. Each part of the day will be planned depending on the individual groups needs to enable the course to be as specific as possible, you will need to bring your ideas with you and have an idea of how you want to run your business. We just work together to get you to make the idea work as a 3 year plan so you can then put this into practice..

Things you might no know you need to do?

What type of bank account do you need? What do business account cost?

Do I need to register as self-employed?

How do I do my accounts?

These questions and more will be discussed to help you work out what is the right choice for you and your plan.

Business Skills

This workshop aims to establish a business in the required legal frameworks which helps when researching business ideas and costs. Identifying internal and external factors that can affect the business and exploit ways to help you hit targets and your objectives. Building a pricing strategy, terms & conditions and payment policy that will also help you understand the importance of thinking ahead about financial information to allow for cash flow. To make your business build with solid foundations, you have the skills of a PT but be you need to be one step ahead in building a calculated plan.

If you have a type of clientele you want to attract to make your business grow this we will help give you the foundations to help put your plan in place. As you develop your plan, you can then change the focus of your business so you can remain competitive and maintain standards while not having to do reactive planning (when things go wrong) but being proactive before things become a problem. Many Health clubs don’t want to just hire any PT; they want to hire a PT that has a plan to be successful. You have chosen this as a career but you are running a business too. Equally if you want to be a Self-employed PT you need to have focus, having a plan will give you focus.

Course Duration

Our Business Skills workshop will be over 1 day. You will have face to face tuition to give you advice based on experience of choices, planning and working out the viability of your business plan.

Course Structure
  • Look at your ideas and look at Pro and Con’s
  • Design business plan outline
  • SWOT analysis
  • Marketing and advertising
  • How to keep track of Accounts for HMRC
  • Banking and insurance requirements
  • Websites and social media
  • Business Skills requirements

There are no pre-requisites for this workshop, however the workshops are designed for personal trainers, sports massage therapist or anyone looking to start up on their own. It’s recommended that learners possess or be working towards a relevant qualification (e.g Certificate in Personal Training or Sport Massage)


£85 per person (10 places available), price increases to £125 from 1st June 2018.


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